7 Crystal Gift Ideas in 2024 for Ladies Who Love Crystals

by Nicole Jessen

7 Crystal Gift Ideas in 2024 for Ladies Who Love Crystals

If you are looking for unique crystal gift ideas in 2024 for the ladies in your life that love crystals, then this post will give you some great ideas.

Whether they love crystals for their beautiful appearance, health benefits or to raise their energy, the ladies in your life will love these crystal gift ideas.

Our collection of crystal gifts offers a variety of options, from elegant crystal gift boxes to comprehensive crystal gift sets.

Discover a range of crystal gifts catering to every occasion.

Whether you're looking for a festive Christmas gift or a thoughtful wedding gift, our carefully curated selections provide unique and memorable options. With each crystal gift set, you're not just giving a present; you're offering a token of beauty and elegance.

Crystal gift idea number 1 in 2024 - Amethyst Geode Cave

The first gift idea is the amethyst geode cave. Amethyst geode caves are simply stunning.

Every time someone views an amethyst crystal geode cave, they are quite mesmerised by their beauty.

They come in lots of different shapes and sizes. They come down to the smaller size, maybe down at five or six kilos, all the way up to 30, 40, 50 or even 100 kilos.

Some of the geode caves you'll notice on our site have a very deep purple. Some of them have large amethyst points, and some of them have smaller amethyst clusters and smaller points.

No matter which one you like, you can know all our amethyst geode caves are Q1 quality.

If you have a friend who loves crystals, then the geode cave is the top of the line, one of the best crystals you can get.

It is a stunning centrepiece that will sit front and centre in any room. Geodes are a breathtaking gift idea.

Crystal gift for women number 2 in 2024 - Crystal Candle holders

When it comes to beautiful candle holders, you have a couple to choose from.

Obviously, a lot of ladies, like myself, do enjoy putting on a candle to light up the room and bring some peace and harmony.

Whether you're having a bath or whether it's just in the TV room or the lounge room, wherever you are, candles are fantastic.

We have a range of different candle holders from:

There is a range of different shapes, so really, you can take the one or choose a few that you prefer the most.

The other thing to consider is the different forms that are available. They do come in a range of different shapes, including:

  • selenite
  • hearts
  • stars; and
  • cylinders

The interesting thing with the amethyst and citrine point candle holders is each of the individual amethyst and citrine points is individually stuck on. It's quite remarkable how they put these things together.

ladies gift ideas candle holders

All you need to do with the candle holders is put your little tea light candle in the middle, set it alight and then just relax.

Healing Crystal gift idea number 3 in 2024 - Amethyst Crystal Hearts

Amethyst crystal hearts are stunning.

If you want to earn 'brownie points' with your wife, fiance, girlfriend or significant other, then grab one of these crystal hearts.

Your crystal loving partner will be in heaven.

Some come in a beautiful deep purple and they range in weight from 140 grams up to 380 grams, and the cost is relative to the weight of the amethyst cluster crystal. 

A Uruguayan amethyst crystal heart is a very popular gift item for the lady who loves crystals.

If it's around Valentine's Day, then this is one of the best Valentine's gift ideas anyone can give their crystal loving significant other.

Crystal healing gift idea number 4 in 2024 - Crystal Jewellery

Unveil the beauty and power of crystal jewellery with our exquisite collection.

Each piece, from the delicate crystal bracelet adorned with finely cut crystal beads to the stunning labradorite jewellery, captures the essence of natural healing and elegance.

Our raw crystal pieces embody the untouched beauty of nature, making them not just accessories, but symbols of the earth's gifts.

Particularly notable is our Tree of Life crystal jewellery.

This range is not only visually appealing but also imbued with deep spiritual significance, resonating with concepts like chakra healing and the 7 chakra system.

These pieces make for thoughtful gifts, especially as spiritual gifts for women who cherish a deeper connection with the universe.

For those special milestones, consider our anniversary gifts selection.

Here, you'll find unique labradorite jewellery that reflects the enduring bond of love.

Moreover, our collection of bridesmaid gifts offers an array of gorgeous gift options that blend beauty with sentimentality.

Every item in our range is a testament to the beauty of crystals and gemstones.

They are not just best gifts; they are tokens of love, spirituality, and natural beauty.

Whether you’re seeking a thoughtful gift that speaks to the soul or a stunning piece to celebrate an important occasion, our crystal jewellery is sure to impress.

Unique gift idea number 5 in 2024 - Amethyst Gem Trees

Discover the enchanting world of our Amethyst Gem Trees, a collection where each piece is a unique blend of art and nature.

These gem trees aren’t just decorative items; they're a celebration of beauty and energy.

From the elegant Bonsai Gem Trees to the striking Crystal Gem Trees perched on rich wooden bases, each design is a masterpiece.


Picture the delicate tree leaves, intricately adorned with the shimmering hues of amethyst.

Imagine the warm glow of citrine and the pristine elegance of quartz bases.

Our range offers an array of Crystal Gem Trees, each one a symbol of balance and harmony.

Another popular one, of course, is the bonsai gem tree and it looks like a natural tree on a crystal base, like an amethyst base. Then you've got the leaves on, which are citrine, amethyst, quartz or perhaps even rose quartz.

These trees are more than just a visual delight; they're a fusion of natural elegance and artistic craftsmanship, waiting to bring a touch of serenity and beauty into your life.

Crystal healing stone gift idea number 6 in 2024 - Agate crystal

Those who love crystals always love agate. It is so natural and always has a unique colour and shape to it.

By far the most popular gift idea when it comes to agate are the agate butterflies. They are beautiful, and they are the fastest to sell out, especially around holiday periods, like Christmas or Valentine's or Mother's Day.

The agate butterflies do come in a range of different colours, from blues to pinks, to purples, to light blue, to dark blue. There are browns, greens, different shades of purples and everything in between.

There are a couple of other agate crystal ideas that you can choose from. One is an agate candle holder, which are quite beautiful when the tea light candle is on.


Experience the serene beauty of our Purple Agate Wind Chimes, where each delicate slice of agate dances with the breeze, creating a symphony of sight and sound.

This exquisite piece is not just a wind chime but a captivating work of art, making it an unforgettable gift that combines natural elegance with a touch of whimsical charm.

We find when people get an idea of the gift, they all of a sudden buy three in one go. They stock up for Mother's, Aunties, Grandmothers and nieces. Then all of a sudden we sell out quite quickly. Agate is a very popular gift idea.

Crystal birthday gift idea number 7 in 2024 - Selenite Tower lamp home decor gift

The seventh gift idea is a selenite tower lamp. Selenite is such a beautiful crystal. 

Selenite Tower lamps are around a foot tall (30cm) and they're thought to be one of the few crystals that can cleanse and recharge both itself and other gemstones, especially quartz.

These are a beautiful gift idea. When they are carved, they are naturally carved to form a pyramid or tower shape, hence the name Selenite Tower Lamp.

If you do like the idea of buildings and you like a beautiful, nice, soft glow with the crystal lamp, then a selenite crystal tower lamp is a perfect gift idea for that lady or the woman who loves crystals.

ladies gift selenite tower lamps

They are a beautiful gift idea and you can't go wrong. They're a little bit more expensive than the Himalayan salt lamps. However, they're a gift that will be remembered for a very long time.

Click play on the video below to see the different sizes and the quality of the ones we have in stock.

There you have the top seven gift ideas for women who love crystals

Discover More Treasures at Earth Inspired Gifts

While our top 7 crystal gift ideas have captured the hearts of many, other gems in our collection deserve the spotlight. These pieces have not only enchanted our customers but have become staples in our Earth Inspired Gifts online shop.

  • Crystal Ball: A timeless classic, our crystal ball is a marvel of clarity and mystique. Perfect as a captivating decorative piece, it's a must-have for crystal enthusiasts.
  • Crystal Pendulum: For those who delve into dowsing or seek a unique piece for meditation, our crystal pendulums are a perfect choice. Each pendulum is crafted to harness the natural energies of the crystals, offering a beautiful blend of form and function.
  • 80mm Crystal Sphere: A standout piece in our collection, the 80mm rose quartz crystal sphere is a vision of perfection. Its substantial size makes it a focal point in any room, radiating a serene energy that captivates all who see it.
  • Suncatcher Crystal: Transform sunlight into rainbows with our suncatcher crystals. These dazzling pieces catch and refract light, bringing a burst of color and joy into any space. They are ideal for windows or sunny corners of your home.
  • Crystal Wand: For the spiritual practitioner or those who appreciate the finer aspects of crystal healing, our crystal wands are a treasure. Each wand is designed to channel energy, making them powerful tools for healing, meditation or self-love.
  • Tumbled Crystals: A favorite among beginners and seasoned collectors alike, our tumbled stones are beautifully polished and easy to carry. They make wonderful gifts for those looking to start their journey with crystals or add to their existing collection.

Each item in our collection is selected for its beauty, energy, and ability to inspire and delight,

Nicole Jessen
Nicole Jessen


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