Selenite Sphere Crystal 40mm Natural Polished Crystal Ball Raw Charging Energy Home Decor

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Selenite balls or Selenite spheres. You may have a different name for them, but they are the same thing.

No matter what you decide to call them, the selenite crystal ball is a really beautiful crystal.

As you can see in the images, the one on this page is a small selenite crystal sphere.

Compared to our other Selenite products, the Selenite Sphere is more of a crystal you would have on your desk or beside your other crystals.

For those who like earthy type gifts, the Selenite ball is perfect.

The beautiful Selenite Crystal Ball Sphere has been polished to provide a beautiful finish to it.

Be sure to hold your Selenite Sphere crystal ball up to the light

What is truly remarkable about a natural crystal, like Selenite, is how different it is when you hold it to the light. When you move it around, it showcases the beauty of this remarkable piece.

You can see all the naturalness of the sphere as you move it around in the light.

We find the trickiest part for us is getting enough of these in. Both the small and large Selenite spheres move quickly.

Selenite spheres are great for energy work, meditation and for setting powerful intentions.

Selenite is thought to be one of only a few crystals that can cleanse and recharge both itself and other gemstones, especially quartz.

Selenite calms and soothes, bringing a deep peace and tranquillity.

So approximately how big is this Selenite Sphere Crystal?

  • Weight - 80grams
  • Diameter - 40mm

    Please Note: Like many of our crystals, this selenite sphere is a one-off pieces. The picture shows the exact product you will receive.

    The stand shown in the photograph is not included with this item. We do have the wooden stands available for purchase in multiple sizes. You can view them here: Wood Stands.

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