Rhodochrosite Crystal Pendant

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This is a lovely polished Rhohochrosite pendant set in sterling silver.

It is so beautifully polished and as it is set in 925 sterling silver, it looks magnificent.

This pendant is a lovely piece from the Blue Turtles’ One-of-a-Kind Crystal & Gemstone collection.

Every piece of Blue Turtles jewellery comes with a satin pouch.

Your Blue Turtles jewellery is also covered by a Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee.

Rhodochrosite crystal meaning and uses

Rhodochrosite has a beautiful pink colour and represents selfless love and compassion. It is said to expand positive attitudes so those wearing it have a lot of positive energy around them.

According to Judy Hall, author of The Crystal Bible, Rhodochrosite is an excellent stone for the heart and relationships. It is especially helpful for those looking for love.

You will feel the love and positive energy while you wear this beautiful floating locket inspired by Mother Nature.

You may be interested to know Rhodochrosite has the intention set to help you find your soulmate. A soulmate to help you enjoy the journey of life and become the person you need to be.

How big is the Rhodochrosite pendant?

  • The size of the pendant is approx 20mm x 17mm
  • Depth - 6mm

Please Note: This is the pendant that you will receive from the Blue Turtles’ One-of-a-Kind Crystal & Gemstone collection.

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