Jade Roller for Face - Jade, Rose Quartz & Natural Gemstones Face Massager

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The Jade Roller face massager is a natural way to help you rejuvenate your facial skin, to have it looking smoother, reduce stress lines and enhance your beauty. This tool can help support the lymphatic drainage, leaving your skin feeling youthful, reduce puffiness and help reduce visible signs of wrinkles.

You are no doubt aware of the fact that a face massage has been used all across the world for hundreds of years.

But getting to a facial rejuvenation centre is not possible for all of us. Grabbing a Jade Face roller means you can effectively bring the facial massage to the comfort of your home.

Use the Jade Roller to awaken your skin

Feeling tired? Do your eyes feel 'heavy'?

Then grab your jade facial roller as part of your regular routine to awaken your skin.

Not only is it easy to use, but the sensation feels great and is incredibly relaxing.

You will literally feel the weight of the day melt away, the tension in your jaw and forehead disappear and bring a smile to your face.

Try it for yourself.

Beauty tip for your jade roller

You may like to simply pull your jade roller out or you can start your session after you have cleansed and toned.

For best results and to maximise the soothing effects, place your jade roller in the fridge prior to use.

This will provide a refreshing and soothing sensation on your skin and provide support for your circulation and collagen production.

Many suggest this process of facial massage facial roller technique can help drain congested lymph nodes around your face and help those who are challenged with sinus issues.

For best results, do this while breathing through your nose (not your mouth). Nose breathing helps boost your nitric oxide levels, which is a natural vasodilator, helping your blood circulate better.

Size and weight of the Jade Roller in all gemstones

  • Size - Approx 13.5cm long x 5.3cm wide
  • All rollers come in a black box

Choose from 4 natural gemstones in your facial roller

  • Green Jade
  • Rose Quartz
  • Amethyst
  • Clear Quartz

Benefits of Jade

Jade is a beautiful stone of this highest magnitude, with a powerful history dating back hundreds of years. The Chinese have favoured this stone above nearly all others. Jade is a protective stone, helps promote abundance, good fortune and is used to help feel unconditional love and open up to the abundance in the universe.

Please Note: You will receive one similar to the photograph; however, each facial roller in the various stones is made from natural stone and will vary slightly.

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