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Lose yourself in the magical charm of our Purple Agate Bookends now available in Australia, shimmering in delicate shades of purple.

These bewitching lavender-hued pieces infuse your space with a touch of the mystical richness, drawing admiration from every eye.

Our Agate Bookends are more than just decorative items. They are fragments of nature, polished to perfection, capturing the essence of their original diverse and enchanting landscape.

With their intricate patterns and unique design, they exude an authentic mystical elegance.

Don't let their ethereal beauty deceive you.

Crafted from genuine agate, these bookends promise to firmly anchor your literary gems.

While their stunning appearance captivates, their strength ensures your collection remains standing tall and proud.


Agate bookends are ideal for

Agate is recognised as one of the most stable crystals and therefore is classed as the perfect grounding stone. For those who are looking to achieve balance in their lives, agate is the ideal stone.

The agate bookends are a great gift idea for people in your life, so it is an excellent stone to help the young ones get grounded.

It will help them achieve the physical and emotional balance they so need during those early transformative years.

Agate can also help with concentration, which is another perfect stone for the younger generation.

With so much ADHD running around and people resorting to prescription drugs, it is nice to achieve the balance through Mother Nature.

Here is the size of the Dyed Purple Agate Bookends

  • Weight - 2.31kgs
  • Height - 15.3cm
  • Width - 12.7cm
  • Depth - 6.5cm

Setting the intention for the agate bookends as a gift

Agate is also known as a stone of luck. We highly recommend when you give this as a gift to a younger niece, sister or loved one; and you tell them that agate is a stone of good fortune and luck.

By doing this, you are helping them set the intention of bringing more luck and coincidence into their lives.

At a young age, it is great to help shape the minds of kids in a positive way. Having the thought and intention of being able to generate more luck is a great thing for kids to set in their mind.

Other great attributes of agate stone include:

  • harmonising the yin and yang (again balance as mentioned above)
  • soothing and calming
  • enhances mental function
  • overcomes negativity
  • help stimulate positive memories
  • helps create safety and security
  • you can use it to think more clearly
  • will help stabilise the aura

Agate is such a fascinating stone, and every home should have a few agate slices in various forms. The agate meaning and benefits are numerous.

Please note: This product is a one-off piece. The picture shows the exact product you will receive. We will package it up safely, so it arrives perfectly. We take great care and pride in how we package and ship our items.

Agate is one of the most colourful crystals available. Check out our Agate stone gift ideas page here.

To find out more about the Earth Inspired Gifts story, click on the play button in the video links below.


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