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Have you ever heard of Friendship Stones or Friendship Geodes? It is the same idea as a friendship pendant or ring, but with a stunning Geode cracked open.

How are friendship stones created?

First, you need to find a quality quartz geode. A geode is created by a small pocket left in a rock, which is then filled with crystals.

Next, you simply break the geode in half, making sure not to break it into many smaller pieces. Creating two halves is perfect.

Click play on the video below to see how they do it in a crystal shop in New York City. They call it the 'Geode Cracker' and it is a heap of fun for the kids (and adults too apparently ;-) ) It's worth watching the video below to see some of their stunning crystals. Very high-end.

We have a great range of Clear Quartz with Calcite Geode Pairs available in a range of sizes.

Our Geode friendship stones are already split in half.

Here are the approx weight and size of this clear quartz with calcite geode pair

  • Weight - 1.47kgs
  • Size - 135mm x 115mm
  • Height - 105mm

Here is how you might like to use your Friendship Stones

Like a friendship bracelet or friendship pendant, you can give half to your 'besty' and you keep the other half.

Then you keep it in a place you view often, such as a bedroom table, bedside table or perhaps position it in the bathroom.

The great thing about friendship stones is they look absolutely stunning and are created by Mother Nature.

Some of our customers, who are adoring mothers, like to give them as a present to their older kids. If you have kids who are off at boarding school or are moving out of home, it is the perfect way to stay connected.

Most popular gift idea for kids aged 5 - 16

Kids absolutely love making new friends. But times have changed and it is common for parents to move around due to work commitments.

The strongest way to keep the memories flowing is with a beautiful friendship stone.

From the age of 5 and above, some of the strongest friendships are formed. You likely have some fond memories of your best friends when you were in primary school and high school.

Creating a strong bond with a friendship stone is a beautiful way to keep the memories and fun times in your mind.

Quartz with Calcite Geode Pairs as a gift idea

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind gift that is truly beautiful, then why not grab a beautiful Quartz with Calcite Geode Pair.

The great thing about these Friendship Stones, is you don't even have to be interested in crystals so to speak in order to love these geodes. 

For anyone who loves nature, who loves beautiful Earth Inspired Gifts, the Quartz with Calcite Geode Pairs should be at the top of your list.

The below video is an example of one of the Friendship Stones that we have in stock

Please note: This product is a one-off piece. The picture shows the exact product you will receive.

Feel free to click the video links below to find out more about the story behind Earth Inspired Gifts.

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