Crystal Gem Tree on Wooden Base - Carnelian

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What more could a friend ask for but a beautiful Crystal Gem Tree set on a Wooden Base. Each of the branches has a crystal on it and they truly look stunning. We like to think of the tree as a tree of energy.

Take a look at the range of colours in the crystals we have and choose the perfect one for you or as a gift for a loved one.

You can easily adjust the shape and foliage of the tree. You need not worry about these trees shedding their leaves because the chips are wired on.

Place these trees, also known as feng shui crystal trees, on your study desk to hone your study skills and create improved attentiveness and memory.

For best results, place it in the south-west corner of your house.

  • Height - Approx 22cm
  • Base Width - Approx 6.5cm
  • Base Height - Approx 4cm
  • Approx 305 carnelian crystals each individually hand wired

Please Note: You will receive one similar to the photograph; however, each Crystal Gem Tree is unique and will vary slightly.

What is Carnelian used for?

Carnelian is a high-energy stone and is able to help inspire and motivate. If you feel you could use some extra motivation or know someone who does, then carnelian is an ideal crystal.

In addition to motivation, Carnelian is a brilliant stone for inspiring creativity. If you work in the creative field, perhaps arts, web design, social media or you are a content writer, then have a few pieces of carnelian crystal nearby.

Hopefully, you can appreciate the beauty of this stone and the dramatic and beautiful colours of Carnelian. 

Carnelian helps you overcome old negative conditioning

You may know some people who have had a tricky time during childhood in which some negative associations were developed. This is all too common.

Carnelian crystals are said to help overcome negative conditioning and help you find the true meaning behind you. The very thing that makes you tick and to develop confidence in you.

You can use carnelian to develop the strength to overcome those mental and emotional blockages from your younger years. Time to move on and draw some true inspiration from the things that have been holding you back.

With Carnelian around, you will begin to notice more and more your love for life. The energy that makes the world go round is plentiful and you can put your spoon in, take a scoop and use that energy to power your life.

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