Clear Quartz Crystal Cluster Mineral Geode Druzy Specimen

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This clear quartz crystal cluster is truly a magnificent piece of crystal with a beautiful large natural point. Crystal quartz always adds a touch of style and elegance to any room or office.

This crystal cluster is perfect to give any room a natural and elegant look and feel. This crystal cluster will bring a touch of natural beauty and serenity to your home.

Clear quartz is often referred to as the best healer. Its high vibration amplifies the energy around it.

If you have a lot of positive energy in your life, then clear quartz will enhance it.

Here is the size of this clear quartz crystal cluster

Please note the clear quartz cluster you see on this page is a one-off piece. We do have other clear quartz eggs, angels, pendants, earrings, but once this clear quartz stone is gone, it is gone.

  • Weight - 500grams
  • 77mm x 63mm
  • Height - approx. 92mm

Please note: This product is a one-off piece. The picture shows the exact product you will receive.

Clear quartz meaning & quartz healing properties

Clear quartz is also known for removing negative energy in your surroundings. Plus help you get in touch with your higher self.

It has been said by the great minds of our time that we can get in touch with our higher self. This is the part we connect with to get the answers to the big questions in our lives.

Clear quartz, the master healer, can stimulate all the chakras, including the crown chakra, making it a very powerful stone. It helps bring balance and connection to everyone who uses it.

Amethyst, citrine, and tourmaline are key players in crystal healing and boost the power of the clear quartz healing properties. Each of these gemstones offers unique metaphysical properties to enhance your well-being and balance.

Use this beautiful gemstone to help find your true life purpose

If you are struggling to connect or find your true life purpose, then clear quartz in the form of a cluster is a powerful way to help make the connection.

When you have these around you and set your intention to gain clarity in your life and find your life purpose, you will be amazed at the positive coincidences that occur in your life.

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