Carved Teardrop Himalayan Salt Lamps

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The Carved Himalayan Teardrop salt lamp is perfect for any home. Experience the soothing effect of the Himalayan Salt lamps in a decorative Teardrop shape.

The Teardrop shape is unique in that it has a pointed top. A lot of time and effort goes into carving Himalayan salt lamps, but as you can appreciate, any time you have delicate tips, breakages can occur. That is why the carved salt lamps are more expensive than the natural ones.

So absolute care and attention are given when packing your teardrop shaped salt lamp so it arrives on your doorstep in perfect condition.

Importance of the Onyx crystal base instead of the cheaper wood

Many of our customers choose us as we are known as the largest supplier of beautiful Onyx crystal bases on our salt lamps.

Unfortunately, most people have the older style wooden bases, which tend to corrode over time.

Just like you would see a wooden table discolour when you put a wet drink on it or a hot tea cup. It leaves a mark, which is not attractive.

Upgrade to an Onyx crystal base carved salt lamp today

They say a picture tells a thousand words and it is clear in the image below which is the higher quality, longer lasting option.

The wooden base has the tendency to corrode whereas the onyx crystal base maintains its beauty and appeal over time.

carved fire bowl salt lamp

You can grab a carved Himalayan teardrop salt lamp with the new onyx crystal base via us. We ship Australia wide but are also available for local pickup (we are Sydney based).

In addition to being quite a beautiful and eye-catching shape, you receive the exact same rejuvenating benefits as the natural lamps.

You will have people comment on the teardrop carved rock salt lamp as many are drawn to their beauty. As you can appreciate, every rock salt lamp is unique, so sizes and colours will vary.

Here are the approximate size and weight of the teardrop salt lamp

  • Weight: Approx 2.5kgs - 3kgs
  • Height: Approx 21cm
  • Width: Approx 12cm

What is included with you teardrop salt lamp? A carved teardrop salt lamp on an onyx base, electrical cord (12V DC) and a light bulb 12watt (12V)

Our carved teardrop shaped Himalayan rock salt lamps are the perfect gift as well. Many people hunt around for unique gift ideas and Himalayan salt lamps are well received. 

People will always comment on how well thought out the gift idea is, as they may have seen them around, but never picked one up for themselves.


We DO SHIP Australia wide, so no matter where you are based in Australia, we will happily ship your salt lamp to you.

Please Note:

You will receive one similar to the photograph; however, each Teardrop Salt Lamp is a natural stone and will vary slightly.

If you are curious about how we started Earth Inspired Gifts and the story behind our company, then click on the video links below to play them.

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