Himalayan Salt Lamps for Sale in Australia Including Natural and Shaped

One of the most popular items for 2017 for health conscious people and those who love nature are Himalayan Salt lamps. You will be pleased to know Himalayan salt lamps are for sale here in Australia, including the natural and shaped salt lamps.

Himalayan salt lamps for sale Australia

When did Himalayan salt lamps go on sale in Australia?

Himalayan salt lamps first came into the Australian market in the early to mid-2000's.

As with any new product in the health industry, it takes time for people to get to know them, to understand what they do and to find a place for them in their home.

One of the things that really stands out with them, apart from the fantastic benefits of the Himalayan Salt, is their wonderful natural glow. The soft, natural glow is one of the most appealing things about Himalayan salt lamps.

What size salt lamps are for sale in Australia?

You have probably heard the saying that 'bigger is better'.

Just the other day we had a customer come in and purchase 6 salt lamps. We only had two of the really large ones left and he made sure he got those.

We mentioned about the number of smaller salt lamps we have in stock, but he was adamant that he wasn't going to get the same benefits from a small one compared to a large Himalayan salt lamp.

He definitely fit into the bigger is better camp and ended up buying four of our largest salt lamps and two carved salt lamps.

Plus when you see them on, no-one wants to see the smaller ones. Everyone who sees our display wants the bigger ones.

This is also one of the odd things about most retail outlets like the chemists. They only stock the smaller 2-4kgs salt lamps and only those on older style wooden bases. So you cannot find the larger Himalayan salt lamps for sale in Australia except in speciality suppliers like Earth Inspired Gifts.

Can salt lamps be shipped all over Australia?

Absolutely. You could be living in Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Newcastle, Gold Coast, Cairns or Bendigo and we'll ship your salt lamp directly to you.

It really comes down to Australia post and our couriers as to how much it costs to ship your items. We have excellent rates between three main couriers we use, allowing our shipping prices on salt lamps to be very competitive.

But as you can appreciate, Himalayan salt lamps are heavy and as such cost more than our crystal jewellery items to post.

We will ship all natural salt lamps up to 15kg to anywhere in Australia. 

Also, all carved Himalayan salt lamps can be shipped all over Australia as none of those is over 6kgs. They are the perfect size salt lamp to ship and we pack them very well.

Which Himalayan salt lamps for sale are for local pickup only?

This is an excellent question. Like many of our customers in Sydney, you may like to purchase a large Himalayan salt lamp. They are truly magnificent in any home and produce such an amazing soft glow.

We provide all natural salt lamps over 15kgs for local pickup in our Sydney display. This means we do not ship any salt lamps over 15kgs unless you specifically ask. When you ask, we'll confirm the postage amount and once paid we can send it out. 

But on our website, we do mention the option for the large Himalayan salt lamps is for local pickup at our Sydney display.

Choose your own Himalayan salt lamp in Sydney

Which means if you live in Sydney, you are more than welcome to give me a call and arrange a convenient time to view our full display and choose your own salt lamp. Half the fun is in choosing the one that resonates the best with you.

All of our Sydney clients who come in to view our salt lamps are so glad they did. We have even had clients travelling from Melbourne through to Coffs Harbour and on their way, drop in and pick up a salt lamp. In fact, that lady picked up five 4-6kg natural salt lamps and one carved bowl salt lamp.

Lovely gift ideas for her family.

What are the best shaped Himalayan salt lamps for sale?

The best shaped Himalayan salt lamps for sale are the bowl, flame and pyramid. By far our best seller in the shaped Himalayan salt lamps is the fire bowl.

People are quite captivated by the look of it, the shape, the natural chunks on top, the beautiful symmetrical carving and the lovely glow.

But the reality is, all these beautiful shapes come down to personal preference.

We recently got in the teardrop salt lamps and don't get me wrong, they are beautiful. But one of them was a really dark red Himalayan salt and had darker patches everywhere.

Not only did the customer love the dark colours, but I had to open 16 other salt lamps to find another dark one just like it. Nothing could have made him happier and we love happy customers.

Yes, Himalayan salt lamps are for sale in Australia

In conclusion, there are plenty of Himalayan salt lamps for sale in Australia. You are spoilt for choice.

One thing I will say though is when it comes to large Himalayan salt lamps, it is first come first served as we always have a waiting list for these and they sell out fast. We are often out of the large ones for 6-8 weeks.

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