Orgonite Merkaba to Boost your Vibration

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If you are looking for a truly unique piece to help raise the vibration and energy around you, then the orgonite Merkaba is for you. You are already aware of the fact that we are all energy. Some people have positive energy and some people have negative energy.

Carrying the Orgonite Merkaba's around with you helps raise your energy levels and the energy of those around you.

Also, Orgonite Merkaba's are both unique and beautiful. The Merkaba's we stock are in the colours of the 7 Chakras.

Using your Orgonite Merkaba

The shape of the Merkaba is very unique. Each Merkaba is a two-star tetrahedron. You have one star pointing up towards the guiding light or the heavens. The second star points downwards and is drawing energy from Mother Earth. It is what we'd call here, the perfect Earth Inspired Gift.

Your Merkaba works to help connect you with and get you in tune with your higher purpose and the higher realms. Similar to when you meditate, you are able to raise your energy and vibration.

"Mer" means Light. "Ka" means Spirit. "Ba" means Body.

Use your Orgonite Merkaba's while meditating

One of the best ways to increase your energy and aura is through meditation. It is one of the fastest ways to quieten your mind and raise your vibration. 

Meditation allows you to enter the Alpha brain wave frequency and access your higher consciousness. In our daily awake periods, our brain operates in Beta brain wave frequency. We pop from one state to another, never really able to focus or concentrate.

Those who experience meditation for the first time achieve clarity of thought and quietness like nothing they have ever experienced.

When you are next meditating, make sure you are using Orgonite Merkaba or other Orgonite Australia products to help achieve your desired state. Find out the facts about Orgonite here and the orgonite experiments you can run to test your orgonites.

Increase your energy with Orgonite Merkaba

Orgonite Merkabas are representative of the energy you can see all around you. The abundant energy of the world is captured in a beautiful and unique looking Merkaba.

Just take a look at the universe around you and notice all the remarkable things. It truly is abundant and when combined with Orgonite (the vital energy found everywhere), you can get a sense of the great addition these add to any home, office or room.

What is Orgonite made from?

Orgonites are made of crystals, metals and an organic component (resin). They can help purify the atmosphere, water, repel pests and help plant growth. They can inspire balance and joyful behaviour and can help negate the effects of electromagnetic radiation.

They can be good for insomnia, nightmares, generate better moods and wellness. As mentioned above, they are the perfect addition for those who enjoy meditating or if you are getting into meditation for the first time.

As you can see in the images, there are a number of different chakra colours available.

  1. Red Jasper
  2. Carnelian
  3. Yellow Aventurine
  4. Green Aventurine
  5. Lapis Lazuli
  6. Amethyst
  7. Clear Quartz

Each Merkaba is approximately one inch by one inch in size.

  • Size - 2.5cm x 2.5cm

Please Note: You will receive one similar to the photograph; however, each Merkaba contains natural stones and will vary slightly.

Click on the video play buttons below to find out more about the Earth Inspired Gifts business and the people behind it. Have a splendid day.

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