Malachite Crystal Earrings

These are beautiful Malachite earrings.

You will feel quite luxurious wearing this jewellery piece and you will receive many comments from friends and family.

Here are the approximate specs of your Malachite Earrings

  • Width - 7mm
  • Length - 10mm
  • Depth - 4mm

Please Note: You will receive one similar to the photograph; however, each set of Malachite Earrings is made from natural stone and will vary slightly.

What is Malachite used for?

Malachite is used as a talisman for children to ward off danger and illness. Simply hang a piece from the child’s cradle or bed.

Known as a stone of transformation, it is said to assist when one is experiencing change as it aids in the transfer of sacred knowledge required for spiritual growth.

Though it has a clearing effect on all chakras, it particularly stimulates the throat and heart chakras and may help to open the third eye.

A very practical stone, malachite helps one to achieve balance and be reasonable. It helps one to recognize and release negative experiences that may exist in the subconscious and thus clears the way for accepting responsibility for ones own thoughts and actions, enabling one to “move on”.

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