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Rose Quartz earrings, crafted with sterling silver, are increasingly sought after as thoughtful gifts for women who adore elegant jewellery. These earrings beautifully showcase polished pink rose quartz, making them a captivating choice for those who appreciate their subtle charm.

Key details

  • Gem Dimensions and Quality: Each earring features a beautifully cut rose quartz measuring 12mm x 10mm with a depth of 5mm. 
  • Sterling Silver Craftsmanship: Made with hypoallergenic sterling silver, these earrings are safe for sensitive skin, ensuring comfort and durability without the risk of irritation.
  • Stylish and Playful Design: The earrings dangle delicately, allowing the rose quartz to catch light and add a touch of playfulness to any outfit, perfect for daily wear or special occasions.
  • Versatile Gift Option: Accompanied by a designer pouch, these earrings are ready to be given as gifts for various occasions, such as weddings, Valentine's Day, birthdays, or proms. They serve not only as a fashion statement but also as a piece that resonates with crystal healing properties.
  • Rose Quartz Benefits: Rose quartz is celebrated for its metaphysical properties, promoting love, emotional healing, and the strengthening of the heart chakra. It's a gemstone that enhances compassion and peace.

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Here are the approximate specs of your Rose Quartz Earrings

    • 12mm x 10mm
    • Depth - 5mm

Please Note: You will receive one similar to the photograph; however, each set of rose quartz earrings is a natural stone and will vary slightly.

The Rose quartz crystal goes with anything

The great thing about natural rose quartz is the crystal goes with anything. It is such a beautiful, peaceful colour.

Rose Quartz is known as the ‘love stone’ as the message it emits is the strong vibration of unconditional love, joy, warmth and healing.

Anywhere you have a Rose Quartz Crystal, love will gather around it.

Rose quartz meaning and uses

Rose quartz is the love crystal. When you think of unconditional love, think of rose quartz.

Nothing is as beautiful as a pair of pink rose quartz earrings dangling from your ears.

If you love the subtle signal of rose quartz and love it when people compliment you on your outfit, then rose quartz earrings are perfect.

These are fine earrings which will help resonate the unconditional love you are feeling, coupled with the lovely healing properties of this stone.

Rose quartz is considered a powerful healing stone and when worn as earrings, sends a powerful intention of healing to your mind and brain.

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