Citrine Geode Cave - 8.9kg

You will love the golden colour of this beautiful Citrine Geode Cave. This citrine geode has such a lovely golden colour to it, which will like to call warm and friendly.

To get a cave of this quality in Sydney is quite challenging, especially one where the points are such a beautiful shape and colour.

Not only is the citrine colour beautiful but the contrast of the crystal around the outside is wonderful too.

This Citrine Geode Cave weighs in at 12kg, delivered from Brazil.

You can see in the images how beautiful this piece is.

We find people have them in their home for various reasons, as a centrepiece, in the foyer as you walk in, beside the TV, in the dining lounge or in the bedroom.

The power of Citrine crystals

The Citrine Crystal Geodes are so beautiful they would look great anywhere in your home.

Citrine is one of the most popular crystals and the benefits of citrine are very well known.

Citrine is said to be the perfect crystal to help increase the vibration and energy in your life. Given the beautiful natural earthy look and feel to it, it reminds you of being centred and getting the maximum energy from the Earth.

Citrine is also perfect for those who have a creative type of job or need more creativity in their life. They say over the next handful of years, it is the ideas you come up with that will set you apart from your colleagues.

You may have also heard that Citrine is a stone of abundance. For those looking for more prosperity then consider adding pieces of citrine around your home.

  • Weight - Approx. 8.9kgs
  • Height - Approx 29.5cm
  • Width - Approx 21cm
  • Depth - Approx 14.5cm

Please note: This product is a one-off piece. Click here to view our available stock.

Note on shipping or picking up geode caves

99% of our items are for online purchase only. But we do appreciate some may like to pick up the heavier items, like the geodes, from our Sydney warehouse.

As a result, only our Geode caves are available for local pick up by appointment only. Please use the contact details here to arrange a local pickup.

If your geode cave is under 15kgs in weight, we can ship it anywhere in Australia. 

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