Citrine Quartz Cluster Decoration - Natural Specimen for Energy Healing and Home Decor

Citrine crystal clusters are one of the most popular crystals for those who would like more wealth and abundance in their life.

If you are starting a business or would like more success and prosperity in work and life, be sure to place several citrine crystals around your workspace.

Citrine is the yellow stone and has a beautiful energy to it, not to mention the many healing properties of this lovely stone.

If happiness and creativity are what you would like to have more of in your life, then citrine is an excellent stone to have around.

Approximate weight and size of this Citrine crystal cluster piece

We want to make sure you know this is a one-off crystal. The one you see pictured on this page is the one that is for sale. You will get this exact citrine piece.

Having said that, here is the approximate size of this beautiful small citrine cluster.

  • Weight - 81grams
  • 48mm x 40mm
  • Height - 31mm

Please note: This product is a one-off piece. The picture shows the exact product you will receive. We tried to capture as many different angles as we could with the photos. This citrine cluster has been heat treated.

Ideas on where to place your citrine crystal cluster in your home or office

You may like to place this beautiful citrine crystal cluster on your work desk at home or in the city. If you work from home, then why not place it on your desk beside your monitor or speakers.

If you work in an office environment, you will get lots of positive comments on this beautiful chunk of rock crystal. You no doubt already know, the bigger the piece, the more impressive it is. 

So if you really want to impress your work colleagues, then grab a big citrine crystal cluster.

Other options are to place it around the home. Here are some ideas:

  • bedroom dresser
  • the main living room
  • a beautiful display cabinet
  • the main entrance to your home on a stand

There are plenty of options and no doubt you already have the perfect place picked out for it in your home already. Most citrine that is vibrant in colour like this one is heat treated citrine which originally started off as Amethyst.

Citrine meaning - Attracting wealth, abundance and inspiring creativity

Citrine is the perfect crystal increasing the vibration and energy in your life. Given the beautiful natural earthy look and feel to it, it reminds you of being centered and getting the maximum energy from the Earth.

Citrine is also perfect for those who have a creative type of job or need more creativity in their life. They say over the next handful of years, it is the ideas you come up with that will set you apart from your colleagues.

Using citrine for crystal healing

Judy Hall, author of 'The Crystal Bible' mentions in regards to citrine being a healing crystal: 'Citrine is an excellent stone for energizing and recharging.'

Judy also goes on to say that Citrine has the ability to cleanse the chakras. In particular, Judy makes specific mention of the solar plexus chakras and the navel chakra.

If this piece has been sold already, you can view our other citrine crystals here plus we also have the beautiful citrine necklace and citrine gem trees.

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