Small Black Obsidian Heart - Guardian of Strength - 30mm

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Embrace the protective and grounding energy of our Small Black Obsidian Hearts, a powerful symbol of strength and clarity. Crafted from genuine black obsidian, this heart-shaped gemstone radiates with a deep, mysterious beauty that captivates the soul.

Key details:

  • Genuine Black Obsidian: Each heart is meticulously carved from natural black obsidian, showcasing its characteristic glossy sheen and subtle rainbow-like reflections known as "sheen." The smooth surface and dark color make it a striking addition to any crystal collection.

  • Symbol of Protection: Black obsidian is revered for its protective properties, shielding against negativity and promoting spiritual cleansing. It is often used in healing rituals to dispel negative energies and foster a sense of clarity and strength.

  • Perfect Size: This small-sized heart is ideal for carrying with you as a pocket stone, placing on your altar, or incorporating into crystal grids. Its compact size makes it versatile for various spiritual practices and intentions.

Obsidian Meaning and Benefits: 

Obsidian is formed from volcanic lava and is known for its grounding and purifying effects. It is believed to absorb and transmute negative energies, making it a valuable tool for spiritual protection and inner growth.

Perfect for Crystal Healing:

Whether used for meditation, energy work, or simply as a meaningful keepsake, our Small Black Obsidian Heart is a must-have for crystal enthusiasts and spiritual seekers alike. Its potent energy and protective qualities make it a valuable addition to any holistic healing toolkit.

Here is the size of these small black obsidian hearts

  • Weight - 15grams
  • 30mm x 30mm
  • Usage: Pocket Stone, Altar Decoration, Crystal Grids

Harness the protective power of black obsidian and infuse your life with strength and clarity. Shop our Small Black Obsidian Hearts today and experience its transformative energy firsthand!

    Please note: This product is a one-off piece. The picture shows the exact product you will receive. As you can appreciate, this is the only one we have exactly like this.

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