Smudge Kit Sage Bundle Abalone Shell, Flat Cedar Home Cleansing & Purifying

You will love this complete Smudge Kit to help you with the sacred process of cleansing your space, clearing away negativity, mental clarity, helping to remove stress and feel more calm and relaxed.

This cleansing smudge kit includes:

  • Sage bundle
  • Sweetgrass
  • Flat Cedar
  • Abalone Shell
  • Quick-lite charcoal
  • mini fan

If you are new to using a smudge kit, then we have you covered.

On the back of this ready-to-go smudge kit, you have a list of different ways you can use it to best benefit you and the space you are clearing.

What can you use your smudge kit for?

  • To cleanse your home
  • Removing negative energy you may have picked up during the day
  • To cleanse your crystals
  • Smudging your animals like your dog or cat

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