Moroccan Selenite Charging Plate for Charging Crystals

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You will love this Natural large selenite charging plate from Morocco. It's perfect for cleansing or reactivating your crystal jewellery, crystals, and gemstones!

Selenite is a wonderful stone that can be used to cleanse all types of energy. This beautiful light colour makes it the perfect way to fill up your home with positive vibes!

This large natural selenite charging plate from Morocco houses the power of a powerful crystal.

Click play on the video below to see a lovely selection of crystals and how big it really is.

Selenite is perfect at clearing out negative energy which makes them great housewarming gifts too.

Selenite is thought to be one of only a few crystals that can cleanse and recharge both itself and other gemstones, especially quartz. Selenite calms and soothes, bringing a deep peace and sense of tranquility.

Size of the large Moroccan Natural Selenite Charging Plate

  • Weight - Approx 1.3kgs -1.4kgs
  • Approx 21cm x 13cm
  • Thickness - Approx 2cm
  • This is a natural piece of selenite that has not been polished smooth.

Please Note: You will receive one similar to the photograph; however, each selenite natural charging plate is a natural stone and will vary slightly. It does not come with any crystals. The crystals shown in the images and video are for illustration purposes only.

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