Magnetic Hematite Ring

These are Magnetic Hematite Rings and are ideal as both a women's ring and a men's ring. These can also be used as a stand to display your crystal eggs or spheres.

Magnetic hematite is a very brittle stone and can easily break if it strikes against something. It is also sensitive the heat and/or cold.

Ring size - Inner Diameter 20mm, 5mm wide

Use the Magnetic Hematite ring as a beautiful gift idea

This hematite magnetic ring is considered unisex and is ideal as a men's ring. Magnetic Hematite may be helpful for those with rheumatism or arthritis and for blood circulation.

Please Note: You will receive one similar to the photograph; however, each Hematite ring will vary slightly. Magnetic Hematite is a man-made stone.

Natural Hematite is a lovely natural crystal, a strong healing stone and an excellent Feng Shui crystals. We also have a hematite necklace, a hematite gem tree and a hematite pendant available in store.

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