Dimmer Cord for Night Lights & Salt Lamps - Full Range Dimmer AU Standard

If you are like many of our customers, a dimmer cord for your Himalayan Salt Lamp will come in very handy.

The reason a dimmer cord works so well is that many have their salt lamp in their bedroom.

In particular, Himalayan salt lamps are hugely popular in the kids' room as a night light. But not everyone likes to have a bright light shining while they are trying to sleep.

Control the amount of light using a salt lamp dimmer cord

Our Himalayan salt lamp dimmer switch gives you the power to control the amount of light that fills your salt lamp, great idea for lamps in the bedroom as it allows you to turn down the light at night.

We have found as our kids get older, they don't need as bright a light at night. So we like to use the salt lamp with a dimmer switch to turn down the brightness in their bedroom.

This way you get to experience the fantastic benefits of the Himalayan Salt Lamp, continue to put heat on the lamp, but do it on a reduced brightness level.

Using a dimmer switch for salt lamps in the main living room

You might have your large natural salt lamps in your living room or main TV area. At night they emit a beautiful glow.

You may live in an area that is very attractive to moths. Some homes are near the main street light, which attracts the moths.

In this case, you may find a Himalayan salt lamp with dimmer switch perfect for your main living area. The salt lamp dimmer switch can be turned down at night, so there is only a soft glow from your Himalayan salt lamp.

How to use the dimmer cord for your salt lamp

The first thing you need to do is screw in the light globe. The dimmer cord for salt lamps we sell here is designed for the screw in E14 globes.

With the light globe securely fitted, you will then gently push the main light globe section into the base of your salt lamp. To do this, you will need to hold the metal clips in tight so that you can slide it in.

Once in, you can release the metal part of the fitting, and it will stick to the inside of the salt lamp and hold the light globe securely in place.

Now you are ready to plug your salt lamp dimmer switch into the wall socket. Plug it in, and you are ready to go. Please note that the LED globes for the Selenite Lamps are not suitable for the dimmer cords.

To learn more about how to care for your Himalayan salt lamp click here.

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