Crystal Skulls Made from Blue Goldstone

These are the unique Crystal Skulls made from Blue Goldstone. You won't see too many of these and we only have these two impressive ones in stock.

If you love skulls and collect them, then these Blue Goldstone Crystal Skulls would be a great addition.

If you were building out a fish tank and you wanted something nice to add, this would do the trick.

You really need to appreciate how difficult it is to carve out a skull and the time and effort that goes into carving one of these. These are a true sign of a master craftsman.

Here is the approximate size of the blue goldstone crystal skulls

Skull 1 - The larger, darker blue one

  • Height - 4cm
  • Width -3.5cm
  • Depth - 5.5cm

Skull 2 - The more purple coloured one

  • Height - 3.3cm
  • Width - 3cm
  • Depth - 4.5cm

Please note: These products are one-off pieces. The picture shows the exact product you will receive.

Want to know more about skulls? Click on the following link here Top 3 Most Famous Crystal Skulls & History of Carved Skulls

To find out more about Nicky's story about Earth Inspired Gifts, click the play button on the YouTube videos below. Each video runs for around one minute.

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