Amethyst Crystal Pendant Beautifully Polished & Set in 925 Sterling Silver

We now have available this beautiful Teardrop Amethyst Crystal Pendant in a beautiful sterling silver setting.

This is a sophisticated and elegant pendant, featuring a teardrop amethyst set in a beautiful silver setting. This piece is truly amazing, the Amethyst just sparkles.

Here are the approximate specs of your Teardrop Amethyst Pendant

  • 28mm x 21mm
  • Depth - 9mm

What is Amethyst used for?

Amethyst is calming and soothing, with a sobering, down to earth aspect. It can be used in meditation to guide one to ones highest ideals, transforming lower vibrations into higher ones whilst maintaining a sense of composure and serenity.

Amethyst is a useful tool for reconciliation, as it promotes compassion, empathy and understanding. It has a reputation for helping relieve insomnia and overcoming addictions.

Amethyst opens the crown chakra, clears the aura and protects against psychic attack.

Please Note: This is the exact pendant that you will receive.

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