Agate Lamps Natural

The Natural Agate Lamps are a lovely addition to your home and perfect to gift to your family and friends.

Agate lamps are ideal to brighten up the room and provide a lovely natural glow, helping the natural agate to shine through.

People are always mesmerised by the agate lamps when they see them, as they have such pretty colours.

Agate Lamps are ideal for...

Agate is recognised as one of the most stable crystals and therefore is classed as the perfect grounding stone. For those who are looking to achieve balance in their lives, agate is the ideal stone.

If you have friends or family that you know love to be grounded, and to achieve a better physical and emotional balance, then the agate lamps in Australia are a great gift idea.

Here is the size of this Natural Brown Agate Lamp

  • Weight - 3.3kgs
  • Height - 16.5cm
  • Width - 12.5cm
  • Depth - 9.7cm
  • This piece comes with the LED USB light base

    You also receive:

    • LED USB wooden base
    • The LED lights rotate through the different colours

    Please note: This product is a one-off piece. The picture shows the exact product you will receive. We will package it up safely, so it arrives perfectly. We take great care and pride in how we package and ship our items around Australia.

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