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Sydney Harbour Bridge with Luna Park and Morning Light Canvas Print

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What better way to start your day than walking around Sydney Harbour as the sun rises in the morning. You can own this magnificent Sydney Harbour Bridge and Luna Park canvas print and bring that beauty into your home or office.

The mood captured here is one of early to rise and ready to tackle the day.

The saying is 'the early bird catches the worm' and perhaps seeing the rising morning sun glistening on the Sydney Harbour Bridge canvas print is enough to jumpstart your day.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge and Luna Park

The statement this image makes can be one of beauty, awe or power. Nothing is more powerful than the strength of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Yet you have the fun and laughter of Luna Park in the background. What is unique about this image is how Luna Park is still lit up as it has been taken first thing in the morning.

On this day there were hundreds of photos taken as the sun broke through the horizon, shining down across the South Heads. The sun then glistened brightly on the Sydney Harbour Bridge to capture this one-of-a-kind canvas print.

Ever stayed at the luxury Sydney Hyatt?

For those who have had the luxury to stay and dine at the Hyatt here in Sydney, this image may just capture the romance and high-life you experienced on the days or weeks you stayed in Sydney.

Perhaps you recently did a Sydney Harbour Bridge walk and this image takes you right back to the top of the bridge. Looking down at the most picturesque Harbour in the world, forgetting every worry you ever had.

As this photo was taken during a weekend, you can see there is very little traffic on the bridge. On a normal weekday, the Sydney Harbour Bridge sees hundreds of thousands of workers and tourists, cars and buses move in and out of the city over the bridge.

You can sense how calm the Sydney Harbour is with this morning shot

With such an early morning shot, you can almost feel the ambience and calmness of the morning. Sydney Harbour and the city is like a rubber band stretched and ready to spring into action. You just know how much activity is about the Sydney Harbour shores.

You can own this beautiful Sydney Harbour Bridge Canvas print and have it ready to hang in your home or office in just a few days. You are welcome to choose local pickup too.

Here is the exact size of your canvas print pictured on this page:

  • 24 inches x 16 inches or 60cm x 40cm

Specifics about your stunning Sydney Harbour Bridge & Luna Park canvas print:

  • This is a canvas print on high-quality artist stock.
  • Your picture comes ready to hang. If you have a picture hook then it can go up on your wall straight away.
  • Your image is as you see it above minus the watermark (the size of the image is listed above and the photo in the image is not to scale).
  • It comes on a 3.5cm quality wooden frame.
  • The image is wrapped around the sides.
  • There are no staples visible from the front or side view.
  • Printed on an artistic satin canvas.

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