5 New Crystals in Stock Plus 40% Discount on LED Quartz Crystal Pendants

by Nicky Jessen

5 New Crystals in Stock Plus 40% Discount on LED Quartz Crystal Pendants

Hopefully, you are as excited as I am when new crystals come in stock.

But first, the good news.

The other week we launched some exciting new Quartz Crystal Pendants with a LED light option. And they are spectacular.

Not only do you get the fantastic benefits of the quartz crystal, but you can brighten up the room with the LED flashing light option.

40% of the LED Quartz Crystal Pendants

For the next three days, you can purchase the Clear Quartz Pendant with LED light option for 40% off the normal retail price. Offer ends Sunday 23rd of July, 2017.

led quartz discount

But before you view the fantastic benefits of the quartz point pendant, click play on the video below to see the LED light in action.

Now let's get on to the new crystals in stock.

5 New Crystals to Choose From

1. Teardrop Himalayan Salt Lamps

You likely already know we are the first store to offer Himalayan salt lamps with the onyx crystal base in Sydney.

As it turns out, our customers love the beauty of the onyx crystal base over their old wooden base salt lamps. We get a lot of people looking to upgrade.

We also stock the carved Himalayan salt lamps.

You will love the new addition to the 'family' with our Teardrop shaped salt lamp.

2. The Rare White Himalayan Salt Lamp - Cage with White Himalayan Salt Chunks

We've never stocked the white Himalayan salt lamps but had a number of people ask us about them.

So we have a limited number in stock and once they are gone, they're gone. We are not sure if we are going to source new ones as they are difficult to come by.

When we say they are rare, we really mean it.

Not only do they have white Himalayan salt chunks but the size of them is huge. They are much larger than our standard Cage Himalayan salt lamps.

3. Selenite Massage Wands

For those of you into energy healing and looking for a crystal that is considered the best, Selenite wands are fantastic.

We have a wide range of the best selenite crystals and now the collection is even better with our new addition to the store.

The new selenite wands come in three beautiful shapes.

  1. Twisted Selenite Massage Wand
  2. Rounded Both Ends Selenite Massage Wand
  3. Pointed Selenite Massage Wand with Rounded End

To find out more about how they are used and why they are considered the best, click to view the product listing below. You will see two examples of how our customers use them.

4. Snake Ring with a Topaz Crystal or Garnet Crystal

If you are looking for a unique ring with a lovely crystal, these look fantastic.

Depending on your preference on crystals, you have the choice between either the Topaz crystal or the Garnet crystal.

You will also love the idea that they are adjustable. You can gently adjust the snake or serpent shape to be larger or smaller depending on your needs.

For those who love the reddish colours, garnet is the way to go.

If you prefer a softer colour, the Topaz is the best option.

5. Amethyst Earrings Set in Sterling Silver

You may have already viewed our 'Best Crystal Jewellery in 2017' blog post. In it we run through the full range of stunning crystal jewellery we have in stock.

But one of our new standout items is the Amethyst earrings set in sterling silver.

They are such a beautiful and delicate combination of silver and the deep purple of Amethyst.

You may like to buy them as a beautiful gift idea for your loved ones. Coming in at just $26, they are a real treat.

So there you have our top 5 latest additions to the Earth Inspired Gifts range.

We hope you love them as much as we do.

Nicky Jessen
Nicky Jessen


Nicky is the proud mum of 3 beautiful girls and Owner of Earth Inspired Gifts. Earth Inspired Gifts is an online retail store specialising in gifts inspired by Nature, such as Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps, Geodes, Crystals, Jewellery and other beautiful items. In addition to running Earth Inspired Gifts, Nicky has been building and managing many websites, including some of the largest online stores in Australia. Feel free to reach out to Nicky via her Facebook page or Twitter.